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Borderless Account
for African Businesses.

Open a U.S. Bank Account and Send and Receive US Dollar by ACH or Wire!
Send and Receive Digital Dollar (stablecoins).

Why Santym ?

A Borderless Account for 21st Century African Businesses and

$0 Opening Fee

Setting up account is free and seamless.

$0 Custody Fee

You're not required to pay holding fees.

$0 Minimum balance

No inital or threshold fees on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions


Santym offers 100% remote accounts with opening available in 150+ countries.
Santym supports Wire & ACH transfers. We also support digital dollars (stablecoins).
Wire $0
ACH $0
USDC 0.5%
Crypto $0
Wire – Domestic $30 + 0.1%
Wire – International $35 + 0.1%
ACH $1 +0.1%
USDS Network transaction cost
USDC 0.5%
Crypto $2 + 0.1%
Internal Transfers
Fiat $0
Crypto $0
Special Fees
ACH Chargebacks $5/snf, $150/fraud
Wire Recalls $50